USE CASE: How to Improve Your Buying Experience with Real-Time Content

Repeat purchasers are much more valuable than people who just buy once, so it's essential to improve their buying experience.

An example is with products such as airline tickets, where purchasing is just the start of the process:

  1. Customer selects and buys ticket
  2. Website sends a confirmation email
  3. Customer optionally makes changes
  4. Customer specifies identification documents, such as password details
  5. Customer checks-in online
  6. Customer monitors the flight status.

Here's a confirmation email that I received today.

BTW, I'm not singling-out easyJet, because many airline companies have this issue:


Notice how the email has a lot of "ifs" and vague text, because it was sent early in the process, before I'd done everything. In every case the airline computer knows the actual situation now, but it can't tell me because this is an old-style email formatted at send-time. 

  • "If this applies to your booking, you'll be asked to supply details of your passport" [I already have]
  • "If there are any changes to this booking ..." [There were]
  • "Add ID information & check in online..." [I already have]
  • Check the status of your fight [why not show me]

If the email used real-time content, the email could have told me the accurate information for me right now, which as it happens is:

  • Thank you for supplying details of your passports
  • Sorry you had to change your booking details. The revised information is ...
  • Thank for for checking-in online.
  • Your flight status is: on time

This can be easily done using custom SmartBlocks, pulling real-time information from the airline's API.

As I said at the top, repeat purchasers are much more valuable than people who just buy once, and improving their experience is a good way to help keep them. Providing customers with accurate and easy-to-read information should also reduce customer mistakes and hence your costs, e.g. when they forget to provide passport details. Contact our services team for details.

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05/11/2015 How-tos