What to Do When your Email Campaign Breaks your Website

One massive free benefit of a real-time marketing hub like Fresh Relevance is that it gives you more control. 

We've all been there. One of your email campaigns is unexpectedly successful, thousands of would-be customers click through at the same time, and the load takes your website down.  Success becomes disaster in 2 minutes.

Without Fresh Relevance

It seems to take forever for your IT guys to fix it - while your shoppers change from being happy customers to angry vigilantees, who jam your complaints line.

With Fresh Relevance

When you use real-time content in your emails, using a system like ours, you get a safety-value against a whole lot of problems, because you can change the content in emails that have already been sent. Simply change the offer and/or the destination URL in real-time to control the traffic. Or ask us to do it for you. Read more.

Your Options Include

  • Replace the offer by an apology block - e.g. "Sorry the site's overloaded. Please come back tomorrow and use this personal apology coupon, only for you, to get an extra 5% off". 
  • Leave the offer alone, but change the URL for a different page that can handle the traffic, such as your home page. 
  • Replace the offer for a percentage of visitors, to advertise a different product with a higher unit price and mark-up, so you'll get less clicks but make more money from each one.


This feature also allows you to fine-tune your marketing. For example if your boss has bought a container-load of cheap products on a whim, and you're tasked with selling them as profitably as possible, you can tweak the price up or down according to how well they are shifting.

Just one thing - plan ahead of time. It's even easier if you decide what you're going to do before it happens.

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07/25/2016 Product Info