Wolseley Delivers More Personalized and Better Integrated Customer Experiences with Adestra and Fresh Relevance

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Wolseley is a leading supplier of building materials and the world’s largest plumbing, heating and cooling trade distributor. Wanting to create a more personalized and better integrated user experience across multiple touchpoints, Wolseley contacted Fresh Relevance and our partner Adestra for help.


Using Fresh Relevance personalization tools such as Product Recommendations, Popover SmartBlocks, Segment Builder, and Cart Abandonment Emails, Wolseley has been able to deliver content that is relevant across their websites and email communications.

Working with Adestra, Wolseley segmented its database using customer personas. Then, using our partner’s email platform, built templates that are mobile-responsive, allowing the retailer to create and maintain consistency across all brands and devices, but still have the ability to meet a broad range of content requirements. This work with Adestra has helped the trade specialist to develop its customer experience to become more personalized and better integrated.


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Wolseley's Digital Communications Manager, Steph Beard explains:

“With Fresh Relevance, we present our customers with all the products we know will be of interest to them at the right time, based on what they have browsed or ordered in the past.”

Wolseley has achieved an average open rate increase from 28% to 45% using Automated Product Recommendations, and sending Cart Abandonment Emails has helped the retailer to achieve a 2.9% overall sales uplift.

Using Popover SmartBlocks that provide on-screen advice when a Wolseley customer adds products to an order helps to make sure customers purchase everything they need first time without having to come back and forth to the site. This also saves time and pressure for the Wolseley helpdesk.

Wolseley now has the ability to send fewer emails but achieve greater returns by using the Fresh Relevance Segment Builder to be increasingly targeted in the people they contact. This has resulted in a 39% open rate and a 4.3% average click-through rate.

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