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Optimize revenue through relevant customer engagement in the digital world.

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Omnichannel Personalization

The future is channel-less, but today most people still think in terms of channel, so it's important to deliver personalized experiences across channels to create a seamless journey for the customer. Using specialty content tools such as SmartBlocks, social proof widgets, recommendations, reviews, live pricing and specialty platform tools including slot rules, weather tools, geo tools, data tools (profiling engine), and segment builder, marketers can deliver the best experience through the right channel at the right time.

Drive conversion and long-term loyalty by listening and responding to customer wants and needs. Realize a predictable ROI through right-time, data-driven web, mobile, email and social media personalization. Customize and automate your personalization and revenue optimization programs quickly and easily through a proven omnichannel platform.

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Features and Benefits

  • Use Slot Rules to showcase different SmartBlocks for different types of shopper, time/date range, brand of product already on the page etc.

  • Add customized Product Recommendations to web pages and emails, so shoppers see what they like

  • Align messages and offers across channels to create seamless experience

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Browse & Cart Abandonment

Transform lost sales into loyal customers. Win back cart and browse prospects that abandoned your site using real-time, contextual messages. 

Browse Abandonment

Visitors land on your website. Most bounce within seconds. The rest start shopping.
If they leave at this stage, it's browse abandonment, and sending emails to invite them back earns our clients $35k per $1m turnover on average.

Cart Abandonment

Shoppers put products into their shopping carts. If they leave at this stage, it's cart abandonment, and sending emails to invite them back earns our clients $73k per $1m turnover on average.


Post-purchase emails are sent following a purchase to deepen engagement. Invite a customer to leave reviews, offer upgrades and share ways to get the most out of your product. 

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Features and Benefits

  • Use triggers and emails for different types of shoppers and products

  • Incorporate real-time, personalized content via SmartBlocks

  • Integrate with any email service provider (ESP)

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Behavioral Segmentation and Targeting

Discover and create segments in real time using behavioral and transactional data. Target segments with individualized messages and offers through email, web, mobile and social channels.

Automatically update segments and synchronize them with your marketing tools to target visitors with appropriate content.

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Features and Benefits

  • Drill down into integrated customer data and create segments for personalized marketing

  • Drag-and-drop to build precision segments for online shoppers based on behavior and purchases

  • Import lists into other marketing tools such as email marketing, Facebook and Google AdWords

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A/B Testing and Optimization

Take the guesswork out of website and email optimization with Split Testing (a.k.a. multivariate testing). Use hard data and revenue to select the best content, not guesswork. Compare content and results to select the most compelling content for each segment - Product Recommendations, Countdown Timers, Banners, Coupons, etc...

Compare two or more pieces of content, test new marketing concepts v. existing ones, and try ambitious ideas on a subset of shoppers instead of everyone.

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Features and Benefits

  • Customize split rules and content with just a few clicks

  • Track and report on tests and instantly adjust content

  • Optimize marketing programs on a continuous basis through multivariate testing

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Real-Time Content

Engage customers and prospects with personalized content in real-time. Collect data about your visitors as they browse and buy, even before they’ve been identified, and tailor their web experience and communications to their interests and needs in real-time.

Our unique SmartBlocks and Slot Rules allow users to quickly and easily individualize content based on user actions or inactions. Specialty Content tools such as social proof widgets, recommendations, reviews, live pricing, weather tools, and geo tools further personalize the experience and guide the visitor. Additionally, Fresh Relevance data tools, which include a profiling engine, and segment builder allow users to easily target the personalized, real-time content to the appropriate audience.

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Features and Benefits

  • Engage customers with banners, coupons, countdown timers and product recommendations

  • Render and personalize SmartBlocks in real-time based on behavioral data

  • Change content for different types of shoppers, time/date range, geography, product interest and more

  • Utilize social proof, user generated content, reviews and ratings to guide the visitor based on the demonstrated interests

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