Savvy marketers know that it’s ineffective to deliver the same marketing to everyone.

It’s more powerful to use different approaches for different audiences. By accessing a wealth of real-time customer data, you can deliver a person-to-person experience at scale: 

  • Keep your segments always up to date with real-time behavioral and transactional data.
  • Maximize marketing impact by retargeting shoppers on social media and PPC.
  • Provide a great experience by letting customers know that their favorite product has been restocked or gone on sale.
  • Better understand your customers through audience analytics.

Comprehensive set of behavioral targeting features

Low in stock emails

Boost the urgency to buy by giving shoppers a heads-up when a product that they've recently browsed has now become low in stock. 

Low in stock email example

Back in stock emails: Inform shoppers of restocked items

Turn the frustrating experience of an out-of-stock product into a positive customer interaction. Let customers know that a previously sold-out product they looked at has come back in stock. 

Back In Stock - Behavioral Targeting - Optimised.png

Price drop emails: Leverage price reductions to maximum effect

Provide great customer service and clear excess inventory by informing shoppers of discounts on items they viewed with a price decrease alert.

Price Drop - Behavioral Targeting - Optimised.png

Retargeting: Remind shoppers of what they browsed and carted

Get maximum impact from your marketing budget by creating behavioral lists for use in social media retargeting and PPC retargeting campaigns. For example, show shoppers personalized ads on Facebook or Google Ads promoting the product category or brands they looked at on your website. 

Retargeting - Behavioral Targeting - Optimised.png

Segment builder: Create and export segments

Quickly access real-time customer data and import segments from your ESP without relying on other teams. With our segment builder, you can generate unique, granular segments based on behavior or stage in the customer lifecycle and purchase funnel. Use these segments to engage customers with specific content and export them to other platforms, such as your ESP, marketing or CRM database. 

Granualr customer segements - Optimised.png

Advanced customer tagging: Use product attributes for granular segmentation

Bring behavioral targeting to the next level by building rich customer profiles based on affinities. Using AI, you can automatically tag the attributes and metadata of the products that a shopper browses and purchases (for example, their favorite brand, type of clothing or size) and use these real-time insights to show them relevant offers.

Advanced Customer tagging - Behavioral Targeting - Optimised.png

Why Fresh Relevance?

Build a comprehensive picture of your customer

To understand your shoppers’ needs, you have to collect transactional and behavioral data from every channel that your customers use to interact with your brand. That’s not as difficult as it sounds: Fresh Relevance integrates customer data across systems in real time, including your ESP, eCommerce platform, and customer database. We can even build a picture of a shopper’s activity before they have been identified through their email address or logged in.

Build comprehensive picture - Optimised.png

Create granular customer segments

With our segment builder, you can create segments as general or granular as you like, e.g. interests, customer lifecycle stage, and position in the buying funnel. Key segments include new visitors, lapsed shoppers, high-spenders, or customers interested in a certain brand or product category. 

Granualr customer segements - Optimised.png

Use segments across tactics and channels

Use segments to target shoppers with the most relevant website content, and select which triggered emails customers should receive. For example, you can increase the effectiveness of cart abandonment emails by creating one program for purchasers who have recently spent a lot of time on the website, and another variant for less engaged purchasers. Lists can be exported to your ESP to personalize content in bulk emails, and used to retarget customers with social media advertising and Google Ads.

Segments - Optimised.png

Inject behavioral targeting in all your marketing tactics

Onsite popovers

Grow your email list and reduce site abandonment by triggering capture forms and offers based on behavior. Learn more >

Onsite Popovers - Behavioral Targeting - Optimised.png

Triggered emails

Make your automated emails more effective by triggering different programmes based on your shopper’s actions and inactions. Learn more >

Triggered Emails - Behavioral Targeting.png


Reduce the effort for shoppers to find what they need by suggesting products and content based on the shopper’s unique interests. Learn more >

Recommendations - Behavioral Targeting - Optimised.png

Dynamic content

Adapt to customers’ needs in the moment with real-time content, such as personalized banners and coupons. Learn more >

Dynamic Content - Behavioral Targeting - Optimised.png

Social proof

Increase click-throughs and engagement through FOMO and wisdom of the crowd. Learn more >

Social Proof - Behavioral Targeting - Optimised.png


Localize promotions and drive traffic to your bricks-and-mortar stores. Learn more >

Geotargeting - Behavioral Targeting - Optimised.png

Ready to give behavioral targeting a go?

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How does the technology work?

Fresh Relevance works quietly in the background of your site, capturing all available data. It tracks visitor behavior and product data using JavaScript, and combines that with historical transactional and stock level data from the eCommerce platform. 

How long does it take to get started?

Setup is simple and doesn’t require extensive IT implementation. Fresh Relevance integrates seamlessly with all ESPs and ecommerce platforms. Simply enter your ESP log-in credentials and add one line of JavaScript to your website and you’re off.

Will I receive help in the onboarding process?

Our experienced onboarding team will take you through the steps so you can start generating more revenue from day one. 

How much does it cost?

Our unique pricing model is based on the average traffic on your website. So you can use the purchased solutions as often as you like, the costs will stay the same. Contact us here for a quote.