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The Best Cart Abandonment Recovery System for Magento, bar none

Magento offers flexible, feature-rich solutions that address a wide range of business sizes, needs and budgets. We support all versions, including Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Community Edition.

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Identify more shoppers using the Fresh Relevance Magento Plug-in.

Advanced Cart and Browse Abandonment for Magento, the 2015 release, takes recovery to the next level, with the following new features:

  • Automatic Cart Rebuild for Magento, so shoppers effortlessly click, return and buy, whatever device they were using.
  • Automatic Installation on Magento, so Magento users can get going immediately
  • Real-Time Content in Emails and Web Pages, such as Countdown Timers or Product Recommendations

You can immediately increase sales with leading-edge browse and basket abandonment recovery, then extend this to customer-specific programs that send multiple emails. Next, personalize your website with product suggestions and smart blocks, introduce advanced real-time content into all your email marketing, improve all your segmentation and targeting with real-time analytics, and load real-time activity data into your CRM or Analytics System

Fresh Relevance sends real-time, cart abandonment and browse abandonment emails to the customers of your Magento store. The emails are personalized, including product pictures and links back to your store, making it simple for lapsed customers to return and buy.

Most important, Fresh Relevance has been shown to identify 4x more abandoned carts than plug-ins that use the Magento API (ask us how), so you'd be crazy to use anything else.

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Web and Trigger Email Personalization 

Send recovery emails that call back abandoning customers. Real-time emails are an essential marketing tool for shoppers who abandon their carts. Then, when they return to your website, engage them with personalized content based on behavioral and transactional data including product recommendations and live contextual content. 

Real-time reports on website performance and recovered revenue from triggered emails, allow you to make advanced and insightful decisions that drive revenue and impact your bottom line. Advanced reports on your campaigns and the effectiveness of your marketing: including Google Analytics integration, multi-currency support and downloadable data.

Add our Magento extension (Magento plug-in) and you're away. Easy install with telephone support, walk-through documentation, and no API programming or manual uploads.

About Fresh Relevance

Established in 2013 and based in Southampton, UK, Fresh Relevance is the real-time engagement marketing company that drives sales for online retail and travel brands with real-time, hyper-personalised website and email content.

Fresh Relevance has more than 200 clients, including: Cottages4U, illy, Kuoni, Moss Bros, Thorntons, White Stuff and 7dayshop. And we're The Most Recommended Cart Abandonment Solution, by Members of OnlyInfluencers

About Magento

Magento Commerce is the leading provider of open omnichannel innovation. Their platform and omnichannel solutions empower merchants to integrate digital and physical shopping experiences. Magento offers flexible, feature-rich solutions that address a wide range of business sizes, needs and budgets.

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