Fresh Relevance is the real-time marketing hub for online retailers. 

Fresh Relevance sends real-time, cart abandonment and browse abandonment emails to the customers of your Shopify store. In addition to triggered emails. Fresh Relevance also provides website personalisation tools such as product recommendations and real-time contextual content 

  • Support for standard Shopify sites.
  • Add Browse Abandonment Recovery to bring back even more shoppers (for an extra 3% sales uplift). Read more
  • Personalize your web pages with dynamic content based on behavioral and transactional data.  
  • Personalized Emails, with cart contents, product recommendations and other smart blocks, for maximum effectiveness. Read more
  • Sophisticated reports and testing capabilities. 

Website and Email Personalization 

  • Real-Time Product Recommendations on your Website and in your emails.

  • Personalized HTML smart blocks, such as announcements and count-down timers (example).
  • Real-time reports on website and email performance, such as what your visitors are doing right now.
  • Firehose data for use in your own CRM and Marketing Software 
  • Triggered Analytics load into your ESP - for example, new visitor or top buyer - so you can Segment and Personalize using real-time data.

No plugins to install. Add one line of script and a purchase complete image and you're away!

About Fresh Relevance

Established in 2013 and based in Southampton, UK, Fresh Relevance is the real-time engagement marketing company that drives sales for online retail and travel brands with real-time, hyper-personalised website and email content.

Fresh Relevance has more than 200 clients, including: Cottages4U, illy, Kuoni, Moss Bros, Thorntons, White Stuff and 7dayshop. And we're The Most Recommended Cart Abandonment Solution, by Members of OnlyInfluencers

About Shopify

Shopify makes it easy to build and manage your online store. It is a complete eCommerce solution that allows users to set up online stores to sell goods. It lets you organize your products, customize your storefront, accept credit card payments, track and respond to orders - all with a few clicks of a mouse.

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