Create personalized onsite experiences with ease.

Boost engagement

Improve conversions

Enhance loyalty


“Before Fresh Relevance, we had one of those homepages that was stuffed with information. But now we can tailor the homepage to each person. We’re able to listen to website visitors and serve them what they need rather than broadcasting the same content to everyone.”

Janis Thomas, eCommerce & Marketing Director, Look Fabulous Forever 

Implement, test and improve personalized elements on your website without relying on your internal IT and development teams, and benefit from drag and drop functionality and our user-friendly Site Editor.

Engage new website visitors and improve click-throughs using contextual data and AI. You can personify the experience of visitors who have not been identified yet, even on the landing page and before they click on anything.

Present each shopper with a personalized website experience that is tailored to their specific interests and actions. Display personalized banners, product recommendations, pop-ups, website navigation and CTAs based on behavioral, transactional and contextual data.

Serve personalization either server-side or client-side to balance maximum agility with SEO. Client-side personalization gives you the flexibility to make changes quickly while server-side personalization makes it easy to comply with Google Page Experience.

We use a combination of zero-party and first-party data to power personalization, and we never use third-party data, fingerprinting or other techniques designed to subvert privacy protection legislation. So you can reap the benefits of personalization and grow and enrich your customer database compliantly.

Set up the integration with Fresh Relevance and your existing eCommerce platform quickly and easily using a single line of JavaScript. Our personalization platform has pre-built integrations with all leading eCommerce platforms and can be easily added to custom websites.


Want to see how personalization can increase your KPIs?

Book a tailored demo with us and a member of our team will showcase the platform in action with use cases relevant to your business. Alternatively, request your free personalization audit to receive an analysis of your key digital touchpoints and recommendations on how to optimize your customer experience.

Product recommendations

Display personalized recommendations on your website that help each shopper discover products and content they’ll love while achieving your unique business objectives.

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Onsite popovers

Create branded, SEO-friendly onsite popovers that capture email and phone contact data, increase website conversions and combat bounce rates.

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Social proof

Give customers the confidence to select the product that is right for them and speed up the purchase decision with on-brand social proof.

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Dynamic content

Automatically generate compelling web content that is up-to-date and personalized based on each shopper’s behavior, context and preferences.

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Behavioral targeting

Deliver a person-to-person website experience at scale by accessing a wealth of real-time customer data.

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Identify and deploy your best-performing web content quickly for maximum ROI with A/B testing and AI-driven optimization.

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…and much more

Personalize the customer experience on your website with geotargeting, customer data management, and search.

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