Shift your email marketing into the next gear.

Personalize your BAU emails with relevant recommendations

Delight shoppers with bulk, triggered and transactional messages that are tailoredtoeachrecipient, using dynamic content and sophisticated targeting rules.

Boost engagement

Improve click-through rate

Increase conversions


Triggered emails

Create personalized, automated emails based on customer behavior that reduce shopping cart abandonment and consistently drive eCommerce revenue.


Product recommendations

Display personalized recommendations in emails to help each shopper discover products and content they’ll love while achieving your unique business objectives.


Social proof

Give customers the confidence to select the product that is right for them and speed up the purchase decision with on-brand social proof in emails.


Dynamic content

Automatically generate compelling email content that is up-to-date and personalized based on each shopper’s behavior, context and preferences.


Behavioral targeting

Access a wealth of real-time customer data to deliver person-to-person email experiences at scale.



Identify and deploy your best-performing email content quickly for maximum ROI with A/B testing and AI-driven optimization.


…and much more

Personalize the customer experience in emails with geotargeting and customer data management.

Want to see how personalization can increase your KPIs?

Send personalized emails at scale

Shift your email marketing into the next gear with dynamic content, such as banners, promotions and product recommendations, that are based on the shopper’s behavior and relevant at the moment of open.

Be in control with easy-to-use software

Implement, test and improve personalized elements in your emails without relying on your internal IT. You can easily import and export customer data and benefit from our intuitive drag-and-drop functionality.

Save time with automation

Remove the pressure of relying on BAU newsletters to engage customers with emails that trigger automatically. Use advanced behavioral triggers, such as price drop and back in stock alerts, to promote products to those customers who are most likely to buy.

Recover cart and browse abandonment revenue

Send triggered browse, cart and form abandonment messages to move consumers through the funnel to purchase. You can customize emails based on the type of shopper, carted value, etc. and add conversion-boosting elements such as product recommendations and social proof.

Future-proof emails for more consumer privacy

We fully support the recent consumer privacy updates, such as Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection. Instead of relying on one-size-fits-all live content or location-based messaging using IP addresses, we use a wealth of real-time customer data and multiple ways to determine a recipient’s location to deliver 1:1 experiences at scale.

Integrate seamlessly with your ESP

We seamlessly integrate with and send through all major email service providers (ESPs), keeping the sender reputation and deliverability protected. Set up is simple and just a matter of entering the ESP account credentials, with no need for time-consuming integration.


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