Maximize your return on ad spend with personalization.

Boost conversions

Reduce acquisition costs

Engage visitors


“It’s all about boosting conversions. When a shopper sees an offer on Facebook that leads them to click through to our website, they’ll be more likely to convert if they see that same offer on the site.”

Janis Thomas, eCommerce & Marketing Director, Look Fabulous Forever 

Boost conversions by ensuring that the targeted offers a shopper clicks on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook are reflected on your website.

Welcome new visitors landing on your website with a pop-up that’s tailored to their referring traffic source, such as Facebook or Google Ads.

Retarget shoppers who have interacted with your website or app with Facebook and Twitter ads tailored to their behavior and purchases using Facebook and Twitter Custom Audiences.

Maximize your return on ad spend by targeting shoppers with ads that are personalized based on their behavior and purchase history, such as favorite brand or product category.

Reach more in-profile shoppers on social media by targeting a lookalike audience that is similar to the people who’ve engaged with your website and app.

Pull authentic, real-time user-generated content (UGC) from Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter into web pages and emails, filtered by a hashtag of your choice.


Want to see how personalization can increase your KPIs?

Book a tailored demo with us and a member of our team will showcase the platform in action with use cases relevant to your business. Alternatively, request your free personalization audit to receive an analysis of your key digital touchpoints and recommendations on how to optimize your customer experience.

Product recommendations

Display personalized recommendations based on shopper’s ad source to help them discover products and content they’ll love while achieving your unique business objectives.

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Onsite popovers

Create branded, SEO-friendly onsite popovers based on ad source to capture contact data, increase website conversions and combat bounce rates.

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Dynamic content

Delight customers with personalized dynamic content based on their source, such as banners and discount codes.

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Social proof

Recreate the person-to-person experience by showing how your customers use your products and services.

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Behavioral targeting

Get maximum impact from your marketing budget by creating behavioral lists for use in social media and PPC retargeting campaigns.

For example, show shoppers personalized ads on Facebook or Google Ads promoting the product category or brands they looked at on your website.

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Identify and deploy your best-performing content quickly for maximum ROI with A/B testing and AI-driven optimization.

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