Create personalized SMS experiences with ease.

Boost reach

Increase conversions

Recover more revenue

Blend tailored SMS messages with other channels as part of a personalized cross-channel experience for your customers.

Send highly personalized SMS messages that are specific to each customer based on their behavior and transactional history.

Implement, test and improve your SMS messages without relying on your internal IT and development teams and benefit from our intuitive drag-and-drop functionality.

Achieve faster results and higher order completion rates by sending a mix of email and SMS messages to recover lost revenue, help shoppers stock up on their favorite products and more.

Benefit from Fresh Relevance’s pre-built integrations with major SMS providers or simply send your SMS messages directly through the Fresh Relevance platform.


Want to see how personalization can increase your KPIs?

Book a tailored demo with us and a member of our team will showcase the platform in action with use cases relevant to your business. Alternatively, request your free personalization audit to receive an analysis of your key digital touchpoints and recommendations on how to optimize your customer experience.

Triggered SMS

Create personalized, automated SMS based on customer behavior that reduce cart and browse abandonment, and consistently drive eCommerce revenue.

Social proof

Gain customer trust, reduce purchase anxiety and boost sales with FOMO and wisdom of the crowd.

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Coupon code

Dispense individual or multi-use coupons with expiry dates and limits to acquire new customers, reduce cart abandonment, reconnect with lapsed customers and help sell excess stock.

Behavioral targeting

Treat shoppers differently based on their actions and lifecycle stage with behavioral targeting.

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Automatically optimize the customer experience across channels towards your business goals.

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