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Customer Experience and Data Platform Dotdigital acquires Fresh Relevance

September 6th 2023

Mike Austin

By Mike Austin

CEO & Co-founder


I am thrilled to announce that the Dotdigital Group, the parent company of Dotdigital, has successfully completed the acquisition of Fresh Relevance.

Bringing our industry-leading cross-channel personalization capabilities to Dotdigital’s customer experience and data platform (CXDP) will help marketers better engage with their customers, drive repeat purchases and build lifelong loyalty across all touch points.

We know that in today’s increasingly competitive online retail environment, it’s crucial that brands deliver exceptional customer experiences. The responsibility to deliver good CX increasingly sits on the shoulders of marketers. We also know that consumers are loyal to brands that offer personalized, engaging experiences across the entire buyer journey—not least on the website.

By blending Dotdigital’s customer insight and cross-channel engagement capabilities with Fresh Relevance’s own cross-channel capabilities, we’re able to offer a solution that empowers marketing teams to drive excellent CX at every point in the customer journey.

Joining the Dotdigital Group

I’m proud of what the Fresh Relevance team has built and look forward to the next evolution of this market at Dotdigital. We’ve worked with the Dotdigital team for years as partners and have similar values when it comes to how we innovate and how we take care of our people and customers.

The cultural alignment across our organizations gives me confidence that customers old and new will soon reap the benefits of a more tight-knit offering that doesn’t stop at traditional marketing channels.

As part of the Dotdigital group, Fresh Relevance will continue to operate under its existing brand and I will retain a leadership position in my new role as SVP Personalization. Existing customers of Fresh Relevance will continue to enjoy the same levels of service as Dotdigital continues to invest in Fresh Relevance.

About Dotdigital

Dotdigital is an all-in-one customer experience and data platform (CXDP) that empowers marketing teams to exceed customer expectations with highly personalized cross-channel journeys.

With Dotdigital, marketers can seamlessly unify, enrich, and segment customer data. Breaking down data siloes, Dotdigital streamlines decision-making and paves the way for marketing creativity that delivers customer engagement at scale.

With powerful AI capabilities, Dotdigital makes it easy to automate deeply personalized experiences across web, email, SMS, WhatsApp, chat, push, social, ads, and more.

Trusted by over 4,000 brands across ecommerce, retail, not-for-profit, education, financial services, and other sectors, Dotdigital enables marketers across the globe.

Headquartered in London and established in 1999, Dotdigital is focused on building trusted, connected, and future-proofed solutions that empower customer-obsessed businesses.

“Dotdigital is a leader in the field of cross-channel personalization and specifically web – a space that is growing in importance as marketers respond to evolving consumer expectations. Its addition marks a leap forward in our CXDP growth journey, bringing together customer insights, cross-channel engagement, and on-site personalisation capabilities to provide marketers with the tools needed to exert greater influence across the customer lifecycle. Having worked together as partners since 2018, we have been long-term admirers of Dotdigital, its talented staff and what it stands for. We share similar values across our people, culture and approach to innovation. This cultural alignment across our now joint organizations gives me confidence that customers old and new will reap the benefits of a more tight-knit offering that helps our client base deliver deeply personalized and streamlined customer experiences.”

    – Milan Patel, CEO of Dotdigital Group

A strong partnership built on proven success

Dotdigital and Fresh Relevance have been long-time business partners and have a growing list of shared customers who already benefit from orchestrating seamless experiences across inboxes, message centers, websites, apps, SMS and ads. We share similar values across our people, culture and approach to innovation. We’re excited to continue building on this success.

Fresh Relevance already has a strong technical integration with Dotdigital that helps marketers drive engagement with contextual email content like: weather feeds, social media feeds, individualized coupons, and web-scraped content. The integration allows users to trigger real-time marketing messages through Dotdigital from a range of Fresh Relevance event triggers including: reduced price alerts, new stock availability, browse abandonment, and replenishment. The integration will continue to be available to existing and new customers shared by Dotdigital and Fresh Relevance.

With roots in marketing automation, Dotdigital and Fresh Relevance are experts in building innovative tech that help marketing teams scale and boost ROI. Over time, we will take our combined strengths and continue to build solutions that empower marketers to build authentic, hyper-personalized customer experiences that are memorable and inspire loyalty. We also look forward to extending Fresh Relevance’s product offering geographically into the Americas and APAC markets.

We are excited about the future—and together with our new colleagues now look forward to delivering even better experiences for our customers, so they can deliver better experiences to theirs. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this new journey together!

Mike Austin

By Mike Austin

CEO & Co-founder

Mike Austin is co-founder and CEO at Fresh Relevance. Recognizing the challenge of data aggregation in the ecommerce space, Mike launched Fresh Relevance in 2013 with co-founders Eddy Swindell and Pete Austin to solve this need and optimize the customer journey.