Get up and running in no time

Getting started couldn’t be easier thanks to the easy implementation & extensive onboarding program.

Deliver results quickly with a personalization setup

Time is of the essence in today’s instant gratification world and the Fresh Relevance Platform is designed to deliver results quickly. Within hours or days, new customers are executing personalized customer journeys based on real-time data, interactions and learnings.

Whether you choose to DIY or use our strategic services, our onboarding program provides the tools, training and customer support necessary to ensure your success and complete satisfaction.

Simply follow these easy steps to get started:

  1. Sign up for a Fresh Relevance Account
  2. Deploy the Fresh Relevance script on your website
  3. Use our how-to posts and free templates to get started with personalizing journeys

Materials To Get You Going

Fresh Relevance is 100% committed to our customers’ success and we offer a range of tools and templates to help jumpstart your marketing efforts. Follow our informative How-To posts, use our free templates or watch an informative webinar to learn how to quickly get started personalizing your programs. We empower marketers to DIY and rapidly realize the power of the Fresh Relevance Personalization Platform.