Drive reader engagement, subscriptions and advertising revenue through a personalized experience.

Show your readers content they're most interested in and keep the engaged

Battle subscriber churn and increase marketing ROI by better understanding your audience and tailoringmessagestoeachreader.

Join up readership data

Increase conversion rates

Inspire readers with relevant content


Triggered emails

Optimize conversion rates by bringing readers back to your website with single or multi-step triggered emails and SMS, including form abandonment, subscription renewal reminder, and lapsed subscriber messages. Messages can be based on behavior and stage in the customer lifecycle.


Product recommendations

Put the most relevant content in front of each reader, both online and in emails. By automatically curating the homepage and newsletters for each individual, you inspire readers to keep on reading. Fresh Relevance offers over 30 recommendation types and filters that you can mix and match to meet your goals.


Onsite popovers

Increase your email subscriber base and convert more one-time visitors into known readers with targeted email subscribe messaging. Keep readers from leaving your website with exit intent pop-ups offering targeted content suggestions.


Dynamic content

Display personalized content and subscription offers that update at the moment of engagement. This maximizes a story’s reach and pages per session and keeps readers coming back.


… and much more

Personalize every reader’s experience across channels with social proof, behavioral targeting, geotargeting, optimization, customer data management, and search.

Trusted by 300+ businesses, including

Bauer Media Group

Get a full view of the reader for data-driven decisions

Collect data seamlessly across touchpoints and channels and unify it to create rich customer profiles. Then put those customer insights to work by creating and optimizing campaigns. Power personalization with agile data segmentation and get deep insights into customer segments with in-platform analytics.

Increase advertising revenue

Improve ad sales and audience monetization by increasing ad impressions and content consumption. Get relevant offers, articles and videos in front of those readers who are most interested. Strengthen your negotiation position towards media service agencies and sell more ads by leveraging rich data about your readership.

Automatically test and optimize content

Automatically optimize individual pieces of content, or the entire CX, across channels using Machine Learning. Analyze your personalization campaigns in Google Analytics.

Integrate seamlessly with leading publisher tools

Getting started with Fresh Relevance is a matter of days, not weeks or months. We play nicely with your existing tools, including your ESP, CDP, data management platform and analytics suite.

Drive subscriptions

Increase your email subscriber base and convert more one-time visitors into known readers with targeted data capture, such as exit intent pop-ups, and strategic gating of content based on each reader’s website behavior.

Benefit from easy-to-use software

Implement, test and improve personalized elements on your website and emails without relying on your internal IT and development teams. Benefit from drag and drop functionality, our user-friendly Site Editor and the ability to pause campaigns with ease.


Book a tailored demo with us and a member of our team will showcase the platform in action with use cases relevant to your business. Alternatively, request your free personalization audit to receive an analysis of your key digital touchpoints and recommendations on how to optimize your customer experience.