Dynamic content

Delight customers with personalized real-time dynamic content.

Show dynamic content like coupon codes on product that are sure to engage even lapsed buyers

Automatically generate compelling cross-channel content that is up-to-date and personalizedbasedoneachshopper’sbehavior,contextandpreferences.

Drive engagement

Combat bounce rates

Save time

Add personalized dynamic content to your website without needing coding skills with our easy-to-use Site Editor and drag and drop functionality.


“Fresh Relevance is great because it gives you complete autonomy over styling, functionality and website placement. It allows marketers to make actionable changes without the usual barriers of external or internal teams.”

Leila Boyd, CRO Manager, LSE Retail

Keep shoppers on your site with engaging dynamic content that’s relevant to each website visitor – whether they are identified or unidentified – and up-to-date the minute they interact with your marketing.


“I noticed that the highest bounce rate on our website was coming from customers entering on a PDP level and finding that the product was out of stock. With product recommendations, we’ve reduced our bounce rate by circa 10%.”

Chris Hibbard, Web Content & UX Manager at FFX

Remove the pressure of manually producing compelling creatives for different audiences and save time by using automation and AI to automatically generate dynamic content that’s relevant to each individual.


“Fresh Relevance’s SmartBlocks offer us functionality to automate processes and save time.”

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Instead of rendering your dynamic email content as one large image, Fresh Relevance allows you to personalize digestible blocks of image and text, so you can steer clear of spam filters, optimize load time and make your email content accessible for everyone.


“I would recommend Fresh Relevance to anyone who wants to drive revenue by delivering more targeted emails.”

Niek Stofbergen, Senior Email Marketer, kleertjes.com

Provide a consistent cross-channel experience and maximize conversion by aligning relevant, real-time content at all stages of the purchase funnel across email, website, mobile, app, social media and SMS.


“We plan out our offers and creatives on a monthly basis, so now with Fresh Relevance it’s just a case of one person updating the dynamic slots once a month and then all the content is automatically updated throughout our emails and website.”

Janis Thomas, eCommerce & Marketing Director, Look Fabulous Forever

Test creatives, hero images, call-to-actions, offers and more, automatically optimize individual pieces of content or the entire cross-channel CX using machine learning, and analyze your personalization campaigns in Google Analytics.


“I’m able to test and improve the elements added through Fresh Relevance without needing devs.”

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Want to see how personalization can increase your KPIs?

Book a tailored demo with us and a member of our team will showcase the platform in action with use cases relevant to your business. Alternatively, request your free personalization audit to receive an analysis of your key digital touchpoints and recommendations on how to optimize your customer experience.

Dynamic banners

One-size-fits-all eCommerce stores and emails are a thing of the past.

Banners with real-time dynamic content allow you to keep shoppers engaged onsite or with your emails by showing each shopper the offer that’s most likely to spark their interest.

Put customers in buying mode by tailoring banners to their preferred categories or brands.

Build trust with new shoppers by personalizing banners based on the individual’s context, such as day parting.

Product recommendations

If you’re showing the same product recommendations to everyone, you risk leaving shoppers frustrated when suggestions don’t meet their needs.

That’s where dynamic product recommendations come in.

Display products precisely matched to recipient preferences and behaviors.

Base them on open-time inventory and pricing data to make sure consumers aren’t left disappointed by an offer that’s expired or is no longer available. Learn more>

Countdown timers

Countdown timers are animated clocks that count down to an important deadline, such as the end of a promotion, to build excitement.

Messaging can be personalized – either based on the event, or for the individual customer.

In bulk and triggered emails, countdown timers can be generated as a GIF at the moment a shopper opens the email.

Coupon code

Dispense individual or multi-use coupons with expiry dates and limits to acquire new customers, reduce cart abandonment, reconnect with lapsed customers and help sell excess stock.

If a customer opens your email after a coupon has expired, they see ‘coupon expired’ text, rather than an out-of-date coupon.


Nothing’s more frustrating than to click on an email, only to find that the offers and products are no longer relevant.

Using web crop technology, you can directly include current banners from your website as open time email content.

The webcrop can be personalized to pull content that an individual has been exposed to onsite, e.g. their wishlist.

Weather-based content

Display dynamic content based on the live weather at the shopper’s geolocation at the moment of engagement to provide them with relevant product recommendations, such as winter boots if it’s snowing.

Or use the weather forecast for their travel destination to help customers book matching ancillary services.

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