Improve revenue with powerful eCommerce site search.

Comprehensive ecommerce site search with AI recommendations

AI-poweredsitesearch with the ability to boost & pin products, manage synonyms, implement dynamic filters, customize queries and more.

Boost engagement

Improve CX

Increase conversions

Guide shoppers to the right products with search autocomplete, detect synonyms for wider search coverage, make it easy for shoppers to drill down into search results with dynamic filters, and inspire them with product recommendations alongside search results.

Our merchandising rules let you boost, pin and exclude products in search results and on product listing pages, based on particular products, brands, product features, availability and more.

Make your eCommerce site more accessible and flexible and improve the user experience with voice search functionality.

Learn about your search performance and user behavior through clear and visual dashboards. You can optimize conversions from search based on trending searches, searches without results, lost opportunities, high-converting searches, and more.

Launch powerful search functionality on your eCommerce site in weeks, not months. Our search solution is easy to implement, with no need to create JavaScript or provide a separate product feed. It’s also self-optimizing, which makes it an ideal solution for teams with limited resources.

Reduce your tech stack by managing personalization and search through one platform. This can lead to greater efficiency as it provides you with a single point of contact for support and makes you more agile to implement changes quickly.


Want to see how personalization can increase your KPIs?

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Guide shoppers to the right products with autocomplete.

The smart search-as-you-type feature corrects typos, autocompletes and displays suggestions based on keywords, starting from the first typed letters.

Synonym management

Detect synonyms for wider search coverage, even if the shopper uses different terminology or other expressions.

The AI-powered system smartly picks up these synonyms and provides auto-recommendations to show relevant search results.

Merchandising rules

Ensure visibility of specific products by boosting, pinning, and excluding products in search results and on PLPs (product listing pages).

You can set custom rules, for example based on a particular product, brand, product feature, availability, and more.

Dynamic search filters

Make it easy for shoppers to drill down into search results with dynamic filters.

You can dynamically tailor search result filters to show only the most relevant properties based on the product category they search in.

Complementary recommendations

Inspire and guide shoppers with product recommendations alongside search results, such as People Like You Buy/Browse, Similar Products to Last Purchased Cart, Purchased with Products in Your Current Cart, Frequently Purchased, Best Sellers, Impulse Buys and Price Drops.

Voice search

Allow shoppers to search via voice commands.

This feature makes your eCommerce site more accessible for people with disabilities and provides shoppers with a flexible way to search with little effort.

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