Product recommendations

Help shoppers discover products they’ll love with product recommendations tailored to each individual.


Display personalized recommendations that helpeachshopperdiscoverproductsandcontentthey’lllove while achieving your unique business objectives.

Engage customers

Boost product discovery

Increase AOV

Avoid stuffing your website and emails with irrelevant content. Improve the customer experience with product recommendations personalized to each individual’s affinities, geolocation and stage of customer journey.


“We stock a wide array of products and the vast majority are often not relevant to a specific customer. With Fresh Relevance we are able to find the products each customer is interested in and get them to the forefront of their site experience.”

G2 Review

Recommend relevant products to each customer automatically and accurately with our powerful AI-driven recommendations engine, without the need for manual input.


“Fresh Relevance makes my job a lot easier. Instead of picking products that we think might work well, we know that with Fresh Relevance the product recommendations are being targeted to the customer.”

Georgina Harding, CRM Manager, Getting Personal

Fresh Relevance gives you full merchandising control, allowing you to design the product recommendation strategy that is right for your business.


“I noticed that the highest bounce rate on our website was coming from customers entering on a PDP level and finding that the product was out of stock. By recommending relevant products at similar prices, we’ve reduced bounce rate by circa 10%.”

Chris Hibbard, Web Content & UX Manager at FFX

Display recommendations based on the most up-to-date data to avoid suggesting products that are out of stock or that the customer just purchased, with the option to provide fall back data sources.


“On the homepage, we have ‘people like you buy’ recommendations, with a fallback to ‘frequently browsed’ and ‘new arrivals’. With product recommendations, we’ve seen shoppers converting at double the rate of the site average.”

Nathan Amery, Head of Digital Marketing, Jewellerybox

Provide a consistent cross-channel experience and maximize conversion by aligning the most relevant recommendations at all stages of the purchase funnel across email, website, mobile, app, social media and SMS.


“We plan out our offers and creatives on a monthly basis, so now with Fresh Relevance it’s just a case of one person updating the dynamic slots once a month and then all the content is automatically updated throughout our emails and website.”

Janis Thomas, eCommerce & Marketing Director, Look Fabulous Forever

Test any recommendation element (such as layout, design and location), automatically optimize individual pieces of content or the entire cross-channel CX, and analyze your campaigns in Google Analytics.


“We saw that product recommendations had a positive impact on our site metrics, but we wanted to replace our existing tool with a solution that gave us increased control and enabled us to go further with personalization and optimization. That’s where Fresh Relevance came in.”

Therese Evans, Head of Strategy and Planning, LSE Retail


Want to see how personalization can increase your KPIs?

Book a tailored demo with us and a member of our team will showcase the platform in action with use cases relevant to your business. Alternatively, request your free personalization audit to receive an analysis of your key digital touchpoints and recommendations on how to optimize your customer experience.

Best-sellers & trending

Suggest products that are trending with other shoppers right now.

People like you buy

Suggest the most likely purchase by comparing the shopper’s purchase history with the purchasing behavior of other customers who’ve viewed this product.

Similar products

Suggest products which are similar to the product on the current page, based on the contents of product details, using Natural Language Processing.

Purchased together

Suggest complementary products based on what people who bought this product have ended up buying with it.

After viewing this, people buy

Suggest products that shoppers who viewed this product most often went on to buy.

Related Products

Suggest products you’ve defined as related to the current product for merchandising purposes.

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