Social proof

Gain customer trust, reduce purchase anxiety and boost sales with FOMO and wisdom of the crowd.

With social proof, show top rated products, add popularity and scarcity messaging to create a sense of FOMO

Give customers the confidence to select the product that is right for them and speedupthepurchasedecision with on-brand social proof.

Build trust

Drive urgency

Increase conversions

Use social proof signals such as ratings and reviews and user-generated content to inject a dose of trustworthiness into your offering and reduce purchase anxiety.


“Popularity messaging allows us to back up the fact that Würth sells quality products and helps provide a good customer experience.”

Reece Smith, UX Supervisor & Online Shop Coordinator, Würth UK

Increase urgency and foster FOMO by displaying when a product is low in stock and how many shoppers are browsing and buying your products.


“In a business where every product is unique and a one-off, it is quite remarkable how popularity messaging helps drive that sale a little bit faster.”

Dean Cracknell, Head of Marketing, GolfClubs4Cash

Customize all aspects of Fresh Relevance social proof widgets: the content that is displayed, the layout and how and when it appears.


“We used to display our Feefo rating on the homepage but it didn’t look right. Now, the stars are shown under each product name and reviews appear in a popover when customers click on the rating.”

Reece Smith, UX Supervisor & Online Shop Coordinator, Würth UK

Set a threshold for social proof to be displayed as well as fallback options. For example, only show rating scores of 3+ stars, or set popularity messaging to display how often the product is browsed if the number of products purchased is below your threshold.

ecommerce personalized emails

“We’ve set the popularity messaging to a minimum threshold of 10 views as we don’t want to display browsing numbers that are lower than that.”

Charles Kraus, Senior CRM Manager, Buyagift

Display social proof across email, website and mobile app. Use granular segmentation to serve the most effective social proof content to different customer groups.

ecommerce personalized emails

“We’ve seen a 13% increase in sales using Fresh Relevance’s social proof features in our email marketing.”

Charles Kraus, Senior CRM Manager, Buyagift

Discover which social proof is working best throughout the customer journey, optimize social proof messaging and analyze test results, including data for non-clickable items.

Georgia Bell Direct365

“Auto Optimize is simple to use and has saved us a lot of time.”

Georgia Bell, SEO & Email Executive at Direct365


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Popularity messaging

Help consumers make a purchase decision by showing if a product is selling fast, using real-time behavioral data of other shoppers.

Incorporate product trends, sales counters, add-to-baskets, and audience volumes, showing how many people have viewed or bought a certain product recently.

Scarcity messaging

Shoppers are most attracted to items that are popular with fellow customers.

Harness FOMO by creating urgency with low-in-stock messages.

Display remaining stock to highlight how scarce a product is to ensure customers don’t miss out.

Ratings & reviews

Over half of consumers (56%) look for star ratings when making a purchase.

Champion authentic peer ratings and reviews to reassure shoppers and give them confidence in completing their order.

They’re pulled in real-time from your product rating provider or in-house solution, ensuring that only recent and positive scores are shown.

Live social media

Recreate the person-to-person experience by showing how your customers use your products and services.

Tap into live streams of high-quality user-generated content (UGC) from Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter to provide the authentic content that today’s consumers crave.

Find out how Fresh Relevance integrates with your ratings & reviews provider