Behavioral & social targeting

Treat shoppers differently based on their actions and lifecycle stage with behavioral targeting.

Use behavioral targeting to show shoppers products they're likely to buy

It’s more powerful to use different approaches for different audiences. By accessing a wealth of real-time customer data, you can deliveraperson-to-personexperience at scale.

Understand your customers

Improve CX

Drive loyalty

With our Segment Builder, you can create segments as general or granular as you like, for example based on interests, customer lifecycle stage, and position in the buying funnel. Treat shoppers differently, whether they’re a new visitor, lapsed shopper, high-spender, or interested in a certain brand or product category.


“Being able to segment data based on individual behaviors is extremely useful for us i.e. what brands customers are interested in etc.”

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Fresh Relevance integrates customer data across systems in real time, including your ESP, eCommerce platform, and customer database. We can even build a picture of a shopper’s activity before they have been identified through their email address or logged in. Know that your segments will always be up to date with real-time behavioral and transactional data.


“It’s changing our relationship with our customers. We’re able to listen to what they need and serve them what they need rather than just broadcasting to everyone.”

Janis Thomas, eCommerce & Marketing Director, Look Fabulous Forever

Use segments to target shoppers with the most relevant website, app and email content and select which triggered emails and SMS customers should receive. Segments can be exported to and from your ESP, and used to retarget customers with social media advertising and Google Ads.


“All of the data we are able to extract is priceless to us.”

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Maximize your marketing impact by retargeting shoppers on social media and PPC. For example, retarget shoppers who have interacted with your website or app with Facebook ads tailored to their behavior and purchases.


“ROI from the Fresh Relevance ad segments is 4x the segments provided by Meta.”

Nathan Amery, Head of Digital Marketing at Jewellerybox

Provide a relevant customer experience with behavioral triggers. For example, let customers know that their favorite product has been restocked or gone on sale.


“Triggered emails make our interactions with the customer more intelligent.”

Chris Hibbard, Web Content & UX Manager, FFX


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Segment Builder

Quickly access real-time customer data and import segments from your ESP without relying on other teams.

With our Segment Builder, you can generate unique, granular segments based on behavior or stage in the customer lifecycle and purchase funnel.

Use these segments to engage customers with specific content and export them to other platforms, such as your ESP, marketing or CRM database.

Advanced customer tagging

Bring behavioral targeting to the next level by building rich customer profiles based on affinities.

Using AI, you can automatically tag the attributes and metadata of the products that a shopper browses and purchases (for example, their favorite brand, type of clothing or size) and use these real-time insights to show them relevant offers.

Price drop emails

Leverage price reductions to maximum effect.

Provide great customer service and clear excess inventory by informing shoppers of discounts on items they viewed with a price decrease alert.

Back in stock emails

Inform shoppers of restocked items.

Turn the frustrating experience of an out-of-stock product into a positive customer interaction.

Let customers know that a previously sold-out product they looked at has come back in stock.

Low in stock emails

Boost the urgency to buy by giving shoppers a heads-up when a product that they’ve recently browsed has now become low in stock.

Social retargeting

Improve cost per click (CPC) and click through rate (CTR) by creating behavioral lists for use in social media and PPC retargeting campaigns.

For example, show shoppers personalized ads on Facebook or Google Ads promoting the product category or brands they looked at on your website.

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