Turn browsers into shoppers and first-time buyers into repeat customers.

show relevant recommendations to your shoppers

Deliver personalized cross-channel experiences to not just meet, but exceedcustomerexpectations along their path to purchase.

Grow your database

Improve AOV

Increase retention

Triggered emails

Convert more carts and recover abandoned sales with browse and cart abandonment messages that are customized for each shopper, e.g. based on cart value, carted brands or customer lifecycle stage.
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Product recommendations

Use AI to tailor product recommendations to each customer and boost ecommerce revenue while meeting your individual business goals through effective cross-selling, up-selling and deep-selling.
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Onsite popovers

Support your acquisition marketing with targeted popovers once a shopper lands on your online store to capture data or engage shoppers with targeted offers.
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Social proof

Recreate the person-to-person experience with cross-channel UGC, product ratings and reviews, product scarcity and popularity messaging.
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Dynamic content

Show the latest product information, including live prices and discounts, and never promote sold-out items. Increase urgency without resorting to discounting by counting down to delivery before a key date or offer expiry.
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Behavioral targeting

Create segments as general or granular as you like, e.g. for lapsed shoppers, high-spenders, or customers interested in a certain brand or product category. Identify your best customers and give them the VIP experience they deserve by automatically displaying their preferred category, brand, color or size.
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… and much more

Personalize every shopper’s experience across channels with geotargeting, optimization, customer data management, and search.


“Before Fresh Relevance, we had one of those homepages that was stuffed with information. But now we can tailor the homepage to each person. We’re able to listen to website visitors and serve them what they need rather than broadcasting the same content to everyone.”

Janis Thomas, eCommerce & Marketing Director, Look Fabulous Forever 

Provide an experience across channels that encourages repeat purchases and grows customer lifetime value. Segment your returning customers and engage them with tailored offers that make them feel valued, such as early access sales or invites to exclusive customer-only events.

Anticipate your shoppers’ needs and encourage them to return to your brand using price drop, post-purchase, replenishment and stock emails & SMS. Convert abandoned sales with browse & cart abandonment messages customized for each shopper.

Help your customers discover more products that they like and increase the average order value through effective cross-selling and up-selling. Use AI to tailor product recommendations to each customer to boost eCommerce revenue while meeting your business goals.

Show the latest product information, including live prices and discounts. Make the most of your website traffic by tailoring messaging and product content to the context of each customer, such as their local weather, time of day, interests and more.

Support your acquisition marketing with targeted popovers once a shopper lands on your online store. Data capture popovers inviting shoppers to sign-up for your emails drives list growth. Exit intent popovers engage shoppers who are about to leave with targeted offers.

Set up the integration with Fresh Relevance and your existing eCommerce platform quickly and easily using a single line of JavaScript. Our personalization platform has pre-built integrations with all leading Email Service Providers and can be easily added to custom websites.


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