How to put Instagram Pictures in your Emails

Put Real-Time Instagram Pictures in your Emails
Step 1: Go to the SmartBlocks Page
› On the left nav click on Content | SmartBlocks
› Click Instagram, or More | Instagram

Step 2: Choose any layout
› Hover over a layout, e.g. Photo Grid
› Click Create

Step 3: Enter Instagram Properties
› Click Properties
› SmartBlock  data-cke-saved-Name = Instagram Name = Instagram Example
> Redirect URL = optionally put the URL of 
your ecommerce site here 
› Click Data Source
› Instagram Username = cartcontents
› Click Publish and Use

Step 4: Create a Slot
› Choose for Email Personalization
› Click Use the SmartBlock in a new Slot
› Slot Name = Instagram Example
› Click Save

Step 5: Add it to your email
› Copy and paste the HTML into your email
› You’ll now have your instagram page in your email!
› NB: Pinterest SmartBlocks, Instagram SmartBlocks, and 
Product Recommendations have one slot per picture, so 
you can use Slot Rules to swap between these types.

Ideal for quickly controlling your marketing: post products that you want 
to promote and they automatically appear in your marketing email!


More Information:

Q: Is it clickable? A: Yes, like all our real-time content. By default, clicking 
a product takes the shopper to the Instagram page (not the product page).

Q. Can I use Slot Rules to swap this for different types of SmartBlock? 
A. Yes, now you can: Product Recommendation, Pinterest and Instagram
SmartBlocks can be swapped because they all use the same type of Slot.

Q: How do I create my own Layout? A: After Step 2, click the pen icon,
edit the Layout HTML, enter a name for it, and click Save.

Q: Can I put this in a web page too? A: Of course - follow exactly the same
steps, except for chosing "for Web Personalization".

Example (Click to go to Instagram):

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