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Introducing the Banner carousel

March 29th 2021

Daisy Gray

By Daisy Gray

Customer Success, Team Lead

New feature: Banner carousel - featured image

We’re excited to introduce you to our banner carousel feature, which allows the rotation of multiple banners live on your website.

Why we added this feature

Banner carousels are a smart way to maximize product exposure, for example to promote multiple product ranges. This is particularly useful for mobile experiences where you have less space to play with.

What’s more, banner carousels add interest and are more likely to attract a website visitor’s attention. In fact, research shows that moving imagery catches a user’s focus more than static content.

What it does

Our banner carousel feature allows our clients to rotate up to three banner slides live on their websites. Each slide’s image can optionally redirect on click and each slide has the option to include up to two CTA buttons with their own redirect links. The style and text are fully customizable to ensure brand identity is maintained.

Image fallbacks are available per slide, allowing different images to be used for mobile, tablet and desktop. Autoplay can be enabled and disabled and the speed can be altered. Likewise, self-scroll arrows can be enabled and disabled.

Head over to the Knowledge Center to learn how to use the SmartBlock banner carousel layout.

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Daisy Gray

By Daisy Gray

Customer Success, Team Lead

As Customer Success Team Lead at Fresh Relevance, Daisy ensures that clients are achieving their maximum potential from the real-time marketing platform.