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Why you should use browser push notifications

April 13th 2022


By Dominic Carelse

Marketing Manager

Web push notification

Amid the various eCommerce marketing strategies, browser push notifications have emerged as a powerful tool for marketers looking for innovative ways to effectively engage with their customers. But what makes them so effective? And why should you consider adding them into your digital marketing mix?

This blog post delves into the effectiveness of web browser push notifications, their pros and cons, and concludes with insights on their overall impact. 

How effective are web browser push notifications?

Browser push notifications are brief messages sent from a website to the user’s browser. The notifications appear as alerts or banners, even when the user is not actively browsing the site. Their effectiveness lies in their immediacy and visibility. Unlike emails that may not be opened, push notifications are hard to miss. They offer real-time engagement, allowing websites to relay important information, updates, or promotions directly to their audience. 

A significant advantage of browser push notifications is their ability to reach users across different devices. Whether your audience is on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, these notifications ensure your message is seen. This cross-platform compatibility broadens your reach, making it easier to engage with a diverse user base. 

Pros and cons of using web push notifications on your website

Web push notifications are an effective means of engaging with users in real-time, promoting higher click-through rates compared to other marketing channels. They facilitate direct communication and retention by enabling personalized, immediate messages across various devices, enhancing user experience through relevance and convenience. 

However, they may become a source of annoyance if overused or not tailored to the user’s interests, potentially diminishing brand perception. Moreover, the necessity for user opt-in can limit audience reach, and technical integration may pose a challenge for some businesses. Balancing these factors is crucial for harnessing the benefits of web push notifications without incurring the drawbacks. 

Pros of using web push notifications

  1. Immediate, direct communication. Push notifications allow you to communicate with your users instantly. This immediacy is crucial for time-sensitive info, flash sales, or urgent updates.
  2. Increased engagement and retention. Keep users engaged with your website, even when they are not actively browsing, leading to increased user retention.
  3. Higher click-through rates. The visibility of these notifications often results in higher click-through rates than other forms of digital marketing.
  4. Cross-platform reach. They work seamlessly across various devices and platforms, ensuring your message always reaches your audience.
  5. Personalization and segmentation. Push notifications can be personalized and segmented on user behavior, preferences, and demographics, leading to more targeted and effective marketing.

Cons of using web push notifications

  1. Potentially annoying. Overuse or irrelevant notifications can annoy users, leading to opting outs or, worse, a negative impression of your brand.
  2. Limited content space. The concise nature of push notifications means there’s limited space to convey your message, which requires careful crafting of content.
  3. Dependent on user opt-in. Users need to give explicit permission to receive these notifications, which can limit the initial audience size.
  4. Technical integration and maintenance. Implementing push notifications requires technical setup and ongoing maintenance, which can be a hurdle for some businesses.
  5. Privacy concerns. With increasing awareness about data privacy, some users may be hesitant to opt-in for notifications, fearing data misuse.

Despite the potential drawbacks, the advantages of using web push notifications are substantial, especially when you use them strategically and considerately. 


Browser push notifications offer a unique blend of immediacy, visibility, and versatility, making them an effective tool for digital marketing and user engagement. Their ability to deliver timely messages directly to a user’s device, coupled with higher engagement rates and cross-platform capabilities, presents a compelling case for their integration into your digital strategy. 

However, like any marketing tool, they must be used judiciously. Balancing the frequency and relevance of notifications with user preferences and privacy concerns is key to leveraging their full potential without alienating your audience. When implemented correctly, browser push notifications can be a game-changer in driving engagement, increasing sales, and building a loyal user base. 

In the rapidly changing digital world, staying connected with your users is more important than ever. Browser push notifications offer an efficient and effective way to maintain this connection, ensuring that your audience stays informed, engaged, and connected to your brand, no matter where they are in the digital space.


By Dominic Carelse

Marketing Manager