Beauty businesses will have to perfect their online customer journey

With products on both extremes of the price spectrum and fierce brand loyalty, beauty and cosmetics retailers and brands need to know their shoppers and product lifecycles inside out in order to provide a targeted experience that converts.

And as an industry that prides itself on face-to-face interactions—from personalized consultations to in-store product sampling—the shift to digital experiences could signal growth challenges for beauty and skincare brands.

To take advantage of the surge in online demand and lay the foundation for success in the eCommerce space, beauty businesses will have to prune and perfect their online offerings and customer journeys.

In this webinar, we’ll tackle 7 key challenges facing the beauty and cosmetics eCommerce sector and inspire you with best-in-class brand examples.

  • Convert first time visitors
  • Re-engage existing customers
  • Capture quality email addresses for your database
  • Boost product discovery
  • Build trust and increase urgency
  • Reach shoppers at the moment they are most likely to convert
  • Deliver relevant experiences based on seasonality and location

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7 challenges facing beauty and cosmetics brands - and how to solve them Headshot
Huri Dhanse

Head of Account Management

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Janis Thomas

eCommerce and Marketing Director

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