The Future of DTC

The pandemic has rapidly accelerated eCommerce growth and this massive increase in market share is set to continue. With their online origins and strong focus on customer experience, DTC brands have been well placed to thrive during the mass shift from bricks to clicks.

During this roundtable, you’ll have the chance to discuss and listen to your peers’ opinions on customer loyalty, sharing tips and tricks for creating and maintaining a loyal base of customers.

We’ll also talk about the technology that helps DTCs thrive, looking specifically at open source eCommerce software versus SaaS solutions. Plus, we’ll be chatting about social commerce and how DTCs can benefit from this channel. One in three consumers in the UK have purchased an item directly through a social platform, making this a vital trend to take advantage of.

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Vicky Beech

Partnerships Manager

Fresh Relevance

Alex Defusto

Senior Account Executive


Chloe Thomas


eCommerce Masterplan

Oliver Lees

Head of Data & Insight


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