Discover LSE Retail’s secret ingredents for success post-COVID

Hear the LSE Retail team talk through their inspiring eCommerce journey over the past 12 months. This is your chance to hear directly from LSE Retail – an online retailer of home lighting, fulfilling over 1,000,000 orders a year for their three brands: Minisun Trade, Valuelights, and Iconic Lights.

Join us as we take a sneak peak inside LSE Retail’s eCommerce strategy. Phill Curry (Head of Brand & CRM) and Leila Boyd (CRO Manager) will reveal their secret ingredients for success and what the future holds for LSE Retail, post-COVID.

Whether you are going through a digital transformation yourself or are interested in hearing someone else’s journey, this candid webinar will cover just that.

During this webinar interview,  you’ll learn more about:

  • How LSE Retail have continued to perform strongly, doing more with less in the face of a pandemic
  • The eCommerce tactics that LSE Retail uses to optimise traffic, conversion rates and performance
  • The challenges their team faced and how they were solved
  • The future roadmap for LSE Retail

In partnership with:


Roheena Chogley

Account Manager

Fresh Relevance

Phill Curry

Head of Brand and CRM

LSE Retail Group

Leila Boyd

CRO Manager

LSE Retail Group

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