Achieve more with less budget and smaller teams

The pandemic has shaken up eCommerce. The initial closure of physical stores and extended periods spent at home saw online sales sky rocket, with a significant number of those consumers being completely new to online shopping.

This means eCommerce retailers and brands have been presented with an opportunity to convert a larger pool of consumers into customers and foster loyalty that could extend far beyond the pandemic.

As the pandemic’s impact continues to send shock waves through the economy, denting consumer confidence in the process, organizations have to adjust their strategies accordingly. The actions retailers and brands take now will have huge implications for their future. In order to succeed amidst less staff and tighter budgets, effective collaboration across teams has never been more crucial.

We will cover:

  • How to achieve more with less budget and smaller teams
  • What a PIM solution can do and the key benefits of investing in one
  • Get the latest COVID-19 stats on the economy and retail sector

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