Email as we know it is evolving again

Apple’s iOS 15 update will introduce Mail Privacy Protection in Autumn 2021, which will undoubtedly impact your email marketing strategy.

Join the Fresh Relevance team for a short but informative session on how we’re empowering our customers to adapt to these changes:

  • What we know so far
  • The impact of Apple changes
  • How to prepare for iOS 15 Apple Mail privacy updates
  • The Fresh Relevance approach
  • Q&A

Make sure you’re fully informed before the new update goes live

2:00 PM

iOS 15: Apple Mail privacy updates

Sebastian Mititelu, Software Engineer, Fresh Relevance

2:25 PM

Ask us anything!

Mike Austin, CEO and Founder, Fresh Relevance

2:30 PM

Webinar ends


Sebastian Mititelu

Software Engineer

Fresh Relevance

Mike Austin
Mike Austin

CEO & Co-founder

Fresh Relevance

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