Did you know that 63% of consumers interact with at least two channels before making a purchase? (Fresh Relevance report)

More and more, consumers interact with eCommerce brands on a multi-channel basis, switching instinctively between emails, mobile apps, bricks-and-mortar, social media and websites. And whilst many marketers think about channels separately, consumers expect a single cohesive experience that transcends channels.

That’s why Fresh Relevance is joining forces with the experts at Mapp to discuss practical ways to provide your customers with a consistent and tailored experience across multiple channels, based on consumer trends uncovered from our cross-channel customer experience research.

Join our webinar to learn more about:

  • Types of cross-channel dynamic content to include in your marketing
  • Creating a cross-channel cart recovery program
  • Taking your opt-out experience beyond email
  • Optimizing the cross-channel retargeting experience
  • Joining the dots between your online and physical stores with geotargeting

In partnership with:


Camilla Bass
Camilla Bass

Senior Content Marketing Manager

Fresh Relevance

Josh Beale

Principal Account Director, Global Retail and CPG


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