Not sure where to begin with your personalisation strategy? Vicky Beech (Fresh Relevance) and Kleon West (Endless Gain) will introduce you to a hands-on framework that will help you engage shoppers across the customer lifecycle while hitting your individual KPIs and business goals.

Whether you want to launch your very first personalisation campaign or expand on what you are already doing, to truly resonate with customers, you must understand their diverse preferences, attitudes, shopping occasions and needs.

In this workshop, we’ll demonstrate how to use these insights to craft a seamless experience for each individual across multiple channels.

What’s on the agenda?

– How to create a solid foundation for your personalization strategy

– Tactics for beginner, intermediate and advanced personalization

– Be inspired by best-in-class digital marketing campaigns from leading brands

– Website personalization tactics: personalized content, product recommendations, pop-ups, website navigation, pricing based on behavioral, transactional and contextual data

– Email personalization tactics: data capture, triggered emails, dynamic content and social proof

In partnership with:


Kleon West

Commercial Director

Endless Gain

Vicky Beech

Partnerships Manager

Fresh Relevance

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