Convert more shoppers into customers, and boost loyalty and retention among existing customers

Join us to discover how to optimize a new visitor’s entire experience, from using personification tactics for brand new shoppers all the way to re-converting customers with loyalty programs.

A good customer experience should encompass the entire customer journey, from the minute a new visitor lands on your website. That’s why we’ve asked the experts at Odicci (Gamification), Feefo (Ratings and Reviews), Antavo (Loyalty) and Mapp (Email Marketing) to team up with us to help you build a smooth customer journey with multiple touchpoints.

By optimizing the eCommerce customer experience for new visitors to your site, you’ll not only convert more shoppers into customers, you’ll also boost loyalty and retention, encouraging customers to return to your site to repeat the experience.

Topics we’ll be exploring during the panel discussion:

  • Tailoring the experience for new website visitors with personification tactics
  • Boosting engagement with data capture and gamification
  • Keeping the conversation going with a welcome email series
  • Reducing purchase anxiety and building trust with ratings and reviews
  • The value of first-party data in a cookieless world
  • Incentivizing customers with loyalty programs

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1:00 PM

Welcome and Introduction

Hosted by Camilla Bass

1:05 PM

Customer experience panel discussion begins

All speakers

1:45 PM

Ask us anything!

2:00 PM

Webinar ends


Ricardas Montvila

Vice President Global Strategy


Jacques Prothon

CEO and Founder


Sarah-Jane Bevis

Customer Success Manager


John McBriarty

Head of Partnerships


James Owen

Partnerships Manager

Fresh Relevance

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