Persuade your consumers to take the next best action

Pure360 & Fresh Relevance will show you the ways in which you can use email and web personalisation tactics to not only grab attention, but persuade the consumer to take the next best action.

Discover The Cocktail Effect—how the human brain easily ignores information that isn’t relevant. So therefore the more relevant your messages, the more likely your consumers will pay attention.

You’ll learn:

  • How to use persuasive psychology across your emails and website
  • What makes consumers tick, what do they find persuasive and what are their mental blind spots
  • How you can drive revenue by creating a better personalized experience

In partnership with:

1:00 PM

Introduction and welcome

1:05 PM

The Psychology of Personalization

Camilla Bass, Content Marketing Manager, Fresh Relevance and Jack Clay, Principal Consultant, Pure360

1:35 PM


1:45 PM

Webinar ends


Jack Clay

Principal Consultant


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