Cardiff City Football Club to tailor the experience for their customers online with Fresh Relevance personalization platform

Fresh Relevance is proud to announce that Cardiff City Football Club has selected its versatile personalization platform to power personalized experiences for their customers online.

Cardiff City Football Club has selected Fresh Relevance, in partnership with Maileon, to power personalization across their website and email marketing. The business will take advantage of the rich feature set within the Fresh Relevance platform, including triggered emails.

“We’re delighted to welcome Cardiff City Football Club to the Fresh Relevance family and are excited to help them provide their customers with a more tailored and valuable experience online,” says Mike Austin, CEO & Co-founder at Fresh Relevance.

About Cardiff City Football Club

Cardiff City Football Club is a professional association football club based in Cardiff, Wales.

About Fresh Relevance

Fresh Relevance is a versatile personalization platform that helps businesses provide a more tailored and valuable experience to their customers. The platform integrates seamlessly with other industry-leading platforms, joins up data silos and offers powerful solutions to help businesses continually optimize the customer experience. The result: improved conversions, customer value and retention.

Today, more than 350 businesses around the world are using Fresh Relevance, including Rip Curl, Dreams, Wowcher and Fujifilm.

Calendar Icon 04/28/2023
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