Fresh Relevance helps marketers improve the customer experience with new Contextual Auto Optimize

Fresh Relevance today announced the addition of Contextual Auto Optimize to its personalization platform. Available now, the feature enables organisations to automatically optimize the cross-channel customer experience for each shopper to improve conversion rates, average order value (AOV), web bounce rates and more.

Contextual Auto Optimize is an extension to the existing Auto Optimize feature, an AI-driven, easy-to-configure and manage capability to improve customer experience strategies.

Auto Optimize
Auto Optimize ensures a highly relevant experience by optimizing individual content assets, or the entire customer experience, across multiple channels. The feature ensures a highly relevant experience by identifying changes in asset performance, based on factors such as weather, season or external events, and automatically serving the variant that will achieve the best results. By constantly monitoring content performance and removing any delay in deploying the best variant, Auto Optimize produces faster results than A/B testing and with less effort. It is particularly useful for time-bound events, such as Black Friday.

Contextual Auto Optimize
Contextual Auto Optimize ensures that every shopper is presented with content that will resonate strongest with them. The feature automatically increases the show rate of the best performing content towards the configured goal, but also considers the context of the user.

Individual content assets, or the entire customer experience can be automatically optimized across multiple channels for many different contexts when they are viewing, such as day of week, time of day, the shopper’s country, device type, purchases and predicted purchase price.

Optimization use cases include:

  • Cross-channel experiences: Identify which ‘new visitor’ experience across email, web and app is most engaging.
  • Product recommendations: Identify the optimal placement and data sources for product recommendations across channels to increase conversions, AOV or site visits.
  • Data capture pop-ups: Identify the optimal styling, CTA, delay times and frequency rates for onsite pop-ups to increase visitor identification rate.
  • Behavioral triggers: Establish the optimum send time for browse abandonment emails during sales peaks, such as Black Friday.

Mike Austin, CEO & co-founder at Fresh Relevance, states: “Contextual Auto Optimize is an important addition to the Fresh Relevance personalization platform. It helps marketers to get the most out of the web and app content they are showing and the emails and SMS they are sending. The context of a shopper can influence which content gives the best results, so the Contextual Auto Optimize gives better results without any extra work for the marketer.”

Contextual Auto Optimize is available now.

Calendar Icon 12/14/2022
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