New Fresh Relevance and LoyaltyLion integration enables merchants to use loyalty data to personalize the customer experience

Fresh Relevance and LoyaltyLion today announced that they are enabling online retailers to leverage customer data from their loyalty programs to serve tailored experiences through a new integration between the Fresh Relevance personalization platform and the LoyaltyLion loyalty and engagement platform.

In the midst of a cost-of-living crisis, many eCommerce businesses are using loyalty rewards and exclusive member promotions to gain and retain customers and maximise their potential value. A recent survey conducted by the market research company NIQ found that 54% of Britons say that loyalty programs encourage them to buy a product.

David Henderson, Chief Technology Officer at Fresh Relevance, states: “Fresh Relevance has long provided its clients with the ability to engage their customers with personalized cross-channel experiences. Now, with the integration with LoyaltyLion, this has been extended even further to leverage powerful loyalty data to provide loyalty members with a premium experience across the website, app, email and SMS.”

There are many ways organizations using Fresh Relevance and LoyaltyLion can benefit from the integration.

Use cases include:

  • Providing a premium experience for top tier clients using dynamic content, e.g. by providing early access to a sale.
  • Showing customers who have reached a certain points threshold a thank you message and encourage them to keep going, e.g. by offering an exclusive discount code.
  • Building segments based on loyalty tier or points for use across channels, e.g. to show exclusive promotions within email and on the website.
  • Gaining a more holistic customer view, with loyalty data being accessible alongside other customer data, such as their purchase history, preferences and more.

Henderson explains: “This is the latest innovation in our mission to provide online retailers with the tools to increase repeat purchases, conversion rates as well as average order value (AOV) and customer lifetime value (CLTV).”

Charlie Casey, Chief Executive Officer at LoyaltyLion, says: “Fresh Relevance shares our desire to help merchants maximize success by driving loyalty across the customer lifecycle. Thanks to our robust integration, any company selling online can effortlessly create personalized cross-channel campaigns that boost conversions and build deeper connections, fueled by real-time loyalty data. We look forward to working together to mutually support customers.”

Calendar Icon 05/25/2023
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