Fresh Relevance automatically optimizes the cross-channel customer experience

Fresh Relevance today announced the addition of an Advanced Testing and Optimization module to its versatile personalization platform. The powerful module gives online retail and travel companies unprecedented control to automatically optimize individual pieces of web and email content, or the entire multi-channel customer experience.

The Advanced Testing and Optimization module builds on the success of the Multi-Armed Bandit, introduced by Fresh Relevance in September 2021. By taking advantage of the latest innovations in machine learning, the new module provides intelligent and automatic campaign optimization based on predefined goals. The objectives include increasing average order value, sales conversions, identification rates, web visits and the time spent on the site, as well as reducing web bounce rates.

Chief Technology Officer at Fresh Relevance, David Henderson, explains: “Effective personalization requires dedicated ongoing monitoring and fine-tuning, to ensure every piece of content is relevant and fully optimized to achieve maximum return. This new module automates that optimization process. ”

The module provides online retail and travel companies with the speed and agility required to capitalize on insights into shopper behavior and content performance, removing the delays and effort typically associated with optimizing web and email content.

Henderson explains: “This new level of responsiveness to fluctuating consumer behavior is sure to be a highly compelling proposition for businesses who want to capitalize on time-bound events, the weather or seasonality. Any organization that wants to ensure they consistently provide their customers with highly relevant experiences will benefit from Advanced Testing and Optimization.”

Key use cases of the Advance Testing and Optimization module include the ability to:

  • identify the optimal placement and data sources for product recommendations to maximize sales;
  • determine the optimal layout of cart abandonment emails to increase click throughs;
  • refine the call to action, delay times and frequency rates for onsite pop-ups to improve visitor identification;
  • pinpoint precisely what is engaging new visitors across channels.

Henderson concludes: “Another important capability that we have added is enhanced reporting with a Google Analytics option. Companies can analyze their A/B test results, including data for non-clickable items, and/or send data directly to Google Analytics to enhance their dashboards and see the next steps taken by customers after interacting with Fresh Relevance content.”

The Advanced Testing and Optimization module is available now for organizations using the Fresh Relevance personalization platform.

Calendar Icon 03/15/2022
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