MSNL selects Fresh Relevance to personalize its online store

Fresh Relevance is excited to announce that MSNL has selected its versatile personalization platform to personalize the onsite experience for its customers.

MSNL is the leading online marijuana seed bank, supplying its global community of cultivators with the best cannabis seeds available.

By selecting Fresh Relevance to power their web personalization strategy, MSNL will be driving online sales by engaging its customers with a website experience that’s tailored to each shopper’s interests and preferences.

“We’re delighted to welcome MSNL to the Fresh Relevance family and are excited to help them give their customers the best onsite experience possible,” says Mike Austin, SVP Personalization at Dotdigital.

About MSNL

One of the first marijuana seed banks, MSNL was founded way back in 1999 as a mail order seed business and went digital in 2003 to become one of the very few online seed banks. The business is founded on excellent customer service, expertise, and a commitment to supply its global community of cultivators with the best cannabis seeds available.

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About Fresh Relevance

Fresh Relevance, a Dotdigital company, is a versatile personalization platform that helps businesses provide a more tailored and valuable experience to their customers. The platform integrates seamlessly with other industry-leading platforms, joins up data silos and offers powerful solutions to help businesses continually optimize the customer experience. The result: improved conversions, customer value and retention.

Today, more than 350 businesses around the world are using Fresh Relevance, including Rip Curl, Space NK, Hoseasons and Wowcher.

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