Fresh Relevance launches AI-powered website
search and product discovery module

Fresh Relevance today announced the launch of the Fresh Relevance Search Module. eCommerce website visitors can use the AI-powered search function to find the products they are looking for (and the retailer wants to present) quicker and easier, using typed and voice commands.

The new Fresh Relevance Search Module, powered by Luigi’s Box, is the latest addition to its comprehensive personalization platform. The feature-rich platform enables B2C and B2B eCommerce brands to improve customer engagement and sales by creating personalized cross-channel experiences. With more than a quarter of online shoppers using on-site search to find products, search is a vital online store feature and increases sales by 35% on average.

The Fresh Relevance Search Module includes autocomplete and synonym management. These functions automatically correct misspellings and detect different terminology that the shopper may be using. As shoppers type into the search bar or speak, they are presented with suggestions, to make the search faster and more efficient.

Brands can set custom merchandising rules to ensure shoppers are exposed to certain products by boosting, pinning and excluding products in search results, as well as on product listing pages. Dynamic search filters make it easy for shoppers to drill down further into their search results to find what they are looking for. Ecommerce businesses can also inspire and guide shoppers with complementary product recommendations alongside search results. Using clear and visual dashboards, brands can learn about search performance and shopper behavior to optimize for conversions.

With more and more people using voice search (Think with Google reported that 27% of the global online population is using voice search on mobile), the ability to search using voice commands is another important feature of the Fresh Relevance Search Module.

Mike Austin, CEO & co-founder at Fresh Relevance, states: “Site search is a preferred option for many shoppers who want to find a particular product without navigating the website. However, it can also deter shoppers if their search does not quickly return what they were expecting. Our new AI-powered search capability ensures the shopper is always presented with the products they want to see, and that the brand wants to bring to the fore.”

Austin adds: “Having personalization and search combined in one holistic platform makes perfect sense from a resource and management perspective. Not only does it reduce the technology stack, but it also provides a single point of contact for support and makes a brand more agile to make quick changes and improvements that drive sales.”

The Fresh Relevance Search Module is available now to organizations using the Fresh Relevance personalization platform.

Calendar Icon 02/27/2023
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