Use Countdown Timers on your web pages and in emails!

Use Countdown Timers on your web pages and in emails!

Countdown Timers boost engagement and encourage sales by using animation to attract the viewer’s attention. They drive a sense of urgency in various ways including the promotion of a sale’s beginning and end time, or by highlighting a shipping deadline. Additionally, Countdown Timers can be used to highlight store opening hours or customer service line availability.

Fresh Relevance Countdown Timers

Our Countdown Timers are real-time SmartBlocks that work in both emails and web pages.

They use standard HTML for layouts, so you have nothing to learn and it’s easy to keep the formatting consistent with your other marketing content. You can edit Slot Rules to display different content (for example topical ones), without editing the web page or email. You are in full creative control of the HTML and CSS design so you can either choose one of our templates or create your own design.

Animated Countdown Timers are great for making an impact, attracting attention and improving page performance; the only limitation is your imagination!


“Offer Ending” Countdown Timers

Increase urgency to take action or offer a “reminder” for a certain deadline; for example, by including the time until your 48-hour offers end in your email header. You can use a Countdown Timer with or without animation.



“Coming Soon” Countdown Timers

For events such as opening a new store, or seasonal events both online and offline, keep your visitors informed and counting down to the big day.




“Launching a product” Countdown Timers

When launching a new product, keep your customers engaged and excited until the launch:




“Store Information” Countdown Timers

Use Countdown Timers to keep your customers informed of store hours or customer service line availability.


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For more Countdown Timer ideas and inspiration visit our Pinterest page for examples in Emails and on the Web.


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