How to Put Coupons in your Emails


More information on Fresh Relevance real-time coupons

Q. Can coupons be used on the website and  in email?

A. Of course!


Q. Can I create mass-market coupons?

A. Yes. For example you can deliver 100,000 copies of a single coupon.


Q. Can I create individual coupons?

A: Yes. We can issue a distinct coupon to each active email address. These are assigned at email open or page view time – reducing wasted coupons.


Q. Can I create limited-time coupons?

A: Yes: you can have an expiry date for the whole campaign and/or require that each shopper uses their coupon within x hours.


Q. Can I create limited-availability coupons?

A: Yes. For example you can issue 5,000 coupons – then stop issuing and display an “offer expired” message.


Q. Can I only issue coupons to selected customers?

A: Yes. For example, use marketing rules to issue coupons to shoppers who have not bought recently, or have bought a specific category of product.

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