How to Segment Facebook Advertising Using Your eCommerce Website Data

How to Segment Facebook Advertising Using Your eCommerce Website Data

Fresh Relevance Facebook Targeting

With the Fresh Relevance Facebook targeting solution, you can now serve customized Facebook ads and content to the right person at the right time based on their previous on-site behavior!

Target customized and personalized Facebook offers to your website browsers and customers using unique behavioral and transactional data. Bring your customers back to your website to complete abandoned purchases or build customized target audiences of like-minded Facebookers. Don’t get stuck in the rut of blanket Facebook advertising to generic age and interest segmentations. Your website data can now be leveraged on Facebook with Fresh Relevance Facebook Targeting Solutions!

Transform lost sales into loyal customers with Facebook!

1) Price Drop and Back-in-Stock Ads

Serve Facebook ads to your website visitors who have viewed or carted products that have dropped in price or products that were previously out of stock. Ideal for promoting sale items, clearing excess stock, or engaging customers who were ready to buy but the item wasn’t available.



2) Cart Recovery Ads

Offer discounts on products left in an abandoned cart using a Facebook Ad to incentivize the customer to return to your website to complete the purchase . Triggered, personalized messages entice shoppers back to complete any abandoned purchases immediately.

FreshSkiFacebookAd Cart Abandon


3) Browse Recovery Ads

Turn visitors into buyers by recommending similar products to what they have previously browsed.



4) Generic Re-engagement Ads

Target all of your customers and visitors with more generic messaging or messaging based on broad product categories. Engaging with a brand is the first step in getting started in the buyer’s journey, and Facebook is a fantastic platform to make it happen.



5) Post Purchase Ads

Post-purchase messaging deepens relationship engagement and brings your paying customers back for more. Target customers with up-sell and cross-sell promotional messaging.


Eyes on the screen are the new feet in the door!

Attracting visitors is the first goal of any eCommerce website. With Fresh Relevance, you can both target your website visitors AND attract and target like-minded Facebook users who share similar traits and behavior to your current visitors. Grow your website traffic and increase online revenue with Fresh Relevance!


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