Integrate Pinterest into Your Emails and Web Pages!

Integrate Pinterest into Your Emails and Web Pages!

Are you taking advantage of all the features of your Pinterest engagement? In need of a quick and easy way to update product images on your website and within your emails?  

With the Fresh Relevance Pinterest SmartBlock you can now integrate Pinterest pins into emails and web pages in real time that lead directly to conversions. Your customers can click through directly to the product page on your eCommerce website or to your Pinterest boards for more inspiration and ideas.

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest is a powerful social channel for marketers, enabling boards to be created upon which images of products can be pinned. Shoppers can in turn share and re-pin these pictures, or click through to the eCommerce site for further information and to buy.



What does Fresh Relevance bring you with Pinterest SmartBlock?

The Fresh Relevance Pinterest SmartBlock enables marketers to push this rich personalized content directly to their existing and potential customers. With this SmartBlock you have complete control over which products are visible and when. The Pinterest SmartBlock is fully customizable using our standard templates or your own HTML and CSS designs.

Here is two great reasons for using this SmartBlock:

1) Show your updated offers in real-time in emails and web pages. Encourage them to “take action”!

Set-up a ‘daily deals’ or ‘Featured Products’ Pinterest board that will populate automatically on your websites or in your emails. By using this feature, the most recent pins on this board can be pulled into a SmartBlock that viewers can click through directly to your website to buy the product.



2) Increase social engagement and Pinterest followers!

Attract more eyes to your Pinterest page by duplicating your latest Pinterest content in bulk emails whilst increasing social engagement with your brand. You can display between 1 and 5 of your most recent pins in your bulk emails, Cart and Browse Abandonment Emails and on web pages. Or with the “shuffle” option, you can display a random selection from the 40 most recent pins. Grow engagement with Pinterest branded SmartBlock calls-to-action that leads your customer to your Pinterest boards to follow you, re-pin posts and products, and eventually click through to buy!


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