What Are SmartBlocks?

what are smartblocks

SmartBlocks are what Fresh Relevance calls the blocks of real-time, personalized content that you design to engage customers and build their journey.

SmartBlocks can be used in your web pages and emails alike – and in both cases we render and personalize them in real-time, so your marketing is always up-to-the-minute.

It’s easy to get started, because SmartBlocks use standard HTML and CSS, and we provide a lot of templates. Mailmerge and customization are handled by a standard scripting language called Jinja2.

  • Create your SmartBlock
  • The system will give you a little chunk of HTML called a Slot. Copy+Paste this into your web pages and emails,
  • When the page or email is viewed, FreshRelevance loads the SmartBlock into the slot, in real-time and personalized.
  • You have full control and can change what’s displayed in the slot, by editing its Slot Rules (marketing rules).
  • Slot Rules can show different SmartBlocks for different types of shopper, time/date range, brand of product already on the page etc.

Here are some examples of different types of SmartBlock:


For example an announcement or hero image.




Personalized Coupons with many uses to entice and retain customers.



Countdown Timers

Countdown to the date+time of a Sale, Marketing Event, or even a Public Holiday. Or a time-of-day, such as your shipping deadline.



Product Recommendations

Personal or crowd-sourced recommendations.


Product Recommendations
Product Recommendations

Product Recommendations


Social Proof Product Recommendations

Show customers what’s popular – driving urgency and trust.



Integrate Twitter in your Web Pages andxtend your Social Media Engagement.




Extend your Social Media Engagement.


pinterest feed beauty, social media integration



Extend your Social Media Engagement.



Web Crops – like a real-time “screen capture”

Use live content from your website in your emails.

Web crops


Popover email address capture.

Email Address Capture Forms to acquire new customers.


Show A Local Weather Forecast.

Live example of weather for London, Great Britain.

Show a local weather forecast



Everything else, including script to dynamically modify your web page or menus.


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