Cookies advice

If you want to tell your visitors about Fresh Relevance cookies, here is what you could add to your cookie information for visitors. NB this is not legal advice…

This site uses cookies to keep track of your shopping. The data may be used to personalize web and email content to help you find what you want, to offer assistance by email and yo help us improve the website. We will not sell this information to third parties:

tms_VisitorID: stores a unique id for the device. This is used to keep track of your shopping and personalize the shopping experience. It is an essential, first-party cookie.

tms_wsip: records whether you are using modern web browser that supports a more efficient communication channel called “web sockets”. This is used to improve performance. It is an essential, first-party cookie.

If your website uses Fresh Relevance Search, you could also add the following to your cookie page…

lbx_ac_easystorage, luigis.env.v2.*, AWSALB, AWSALBCORS, _lb_ccc, luigisbox_enabled, _lbsa, _lbab: search cookies. These are used to implement website search. They are essential, first-party cookies (more information).

_lb: stores visitor identification, so search will remember what you were doing in your previous session. This is a first-party cookie, but it is not essential, so it is only stored if you consent (more information).