Privacy Policy

Fresh Relevance is committed to safeguarding your privacy 

We are fans of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and similar laws around the world.

This privacy policy is very short because the GDPR requires that "any information addressed to the public or to the data subject be concise, easily accessible and easy to understand, and [use] clear and plain language” (text of the GDPR). So we’ve avoided legalese and kept it simple.

What Personal Data Gets Stored?

  • This website uses cookies to identify you and keep track of your browsing sessions.
  • We keep a record of web pages seen, emails and other contacts.
  • We make a note when you contact us, e.g. by using a form or email.
  • We may collect public, work-related information, such as your job title and employer. 

What Is This Data Used For?

  • To run this website – for example to track sessions and count how many people visit.
  • For customer support and services.
  • For sales and marketing. 
  • We and the GDPR only want you to see marketing that is relevant and valuable to you. So we only market to people who:
      - are currently looking at our website or marketing, or
      - have previously signed up to receive news and offers, or
      - have a role where they & their employer could greatly benefit from Fresh Relevance.

For GDPR Geeks – the legal basis is Consent and Legitimate Interests (more). 

Does Anyone Else Get My Data?

We are the Data Controller. We do not sell your data, nor let others copy it for their own purposes. Your personal data is under our control. 

We use the following categories of marketing tools:

  • Cloud servers in Ireland (in the EU) to host our website and the Fresh Relevance system. 
  • Analytics to count page visits etc., including google analytics.
  • HubSpot for B2B marketing, scheduling emails, and the chat popup.
  • Email Service Providers to send emails.
  • for customer support. 
  • to schedule customer services work.
  • to monitor phone calls to check that our staff are achieving high standards
  • Online document signing tools.
  • Zoominfo for data cleansing and appending.
  • Livestorm for hosting and running webinars and online events.
  • Delighted for surveys on Fresh Relevance products and services

GDPR Individual Rights

The GDPR gives you new rights over your personal data, including the right to complain or object  (more about Individual Rights).

To request any right, email your request to the GDPR address here (contact us). 

We will tell you how to prove your identity if you need to do that. Then if possible we will carry out your instructions and get back to you.