Emma Bridgewater drives a 10.5% sales uplift using abandoned cart and browse emails from Fresh Relevance


Email Marketing Executive at Emma Bridgewater, David Beaumont, comments: "When someone visits our website for the first time a pop-up prompts them to share their email address with us. This is invaluable." The capturing of the email address is the first step in a strategy developed by Emma Bridgewater and Fresh Relevance to maximise revenues from cart and browse abandonment.


Emma Bridgewater is a company known around the world for its range of high-quality hand decorated everyday use pottery, made in its Stoke-On-Trent factory. Collaborating with Fresh Relevance this quintessentially British brand is achieving a consistently impressive online sales up-lift.

Emma Bridgewater has expanded its work with Fresh Relevance in its preparation for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the Christmas shopping season, introducing new recommendations that takes advantage of SmartBlocks functionality. Beaumont adds: “We want our customers to have a personal experience with us, so we have also ensured that a customer will not have recommended a product that they have purchased within the last 30 days.”


Beaumont concludes: "The innovation and expertise of the Fresh Relevance team is a real asset to Emma Bridgewater. The quality-of-service and support from the team is helping us to recover potentially lost sales and driving revenues from the website."


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11/05/2015 Case Studies