Rip Curl sales swell by more than 10% with eCommerce personalization


Market leader of surfing wetsuits, surf watches, and casual surf apparel

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Rip Curl is the ultimate surfing company with The Search as the driving force behind its progress and vision. Since launching in 1969, this hugely popular global brand has been committed to providing surfers with all the equipment they need, no matter where their travels lead them.

Sales Uplift from Abandonment Emails
Sales Uplift from Web and Email Recommendations
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The company is working with Fresh Relevance throughout the USA, Europe, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand to integrate the Fresh Relevance personalization platform into Rip Curl’s mobile responsive home pages, as well as its email marketing to maximize revenues from its cart and browse abandonment program.

“We’ve seen a terrific return on all Fresh Relevance integrations, with an incremental increase in revenues month-on-month.”
Brooke Farris, General Manager Digital
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General Manager Digital at Rip Curl, Brooke Farris highlights the successful impact personalization is already having on sales: “We’ve seen a terrific return on all Fresh Relevance integrations, with an incremental increase in revenues month-on-month. Abandonment emails are achieving a strong 10.3% sales uplift and our ‘Recommended for you’ SmartBlock displayed on each home page and within emails is contributing a further gain of 1.8%.”

Fresh Relevance SmartBlocks are pieces of highly customizable real-time, personalized content that can be rapidly placed anywhere on a website and within marketing/abandonment emails. When visiting any of Rip Curl’s international websites every customer is greeted on the home page with a range of products ‘Recommended for you’. These can include products that were bought by similar customers, frequently purchased items and exciting new Rip Curl lines.

Fresh Relevance was recommended to Rip Curl by its email service provider. The company currently uses largely bespoke platforms and wanted a cost-effective and easily integrated personalization solution that could perform on a global scale. Farris explains how it has proven to be the perfect partnership: “Our work with Fresh Relevance has been seamless and the teams on both sides share a real eagerness to see that this partnership grows and grows.” The next step will be the roll-out of its ‘Related products’ and ‘Recommended for you’ SmartBlocks across Rip Curl’s product detail pages.