WoolOvers doubles cart recovery email revenue in its first month with Fresh Relevance


In the world of online retail, being agile and open to change can have a hugely positive impact on the bottom-line. WoolOvers is an exemplary story of how it is possible to transform the fortunes of a cart and browse abandonment program, turning potentially lost sales into loyal and profitable customers. Established in 1989 and based in West Sussex, UK, the retailer sells its natural knitwear to more than 1 million customers around the world.


Natural knitwear retailer with more than 1 million customers around the world.

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Fresh Relevance was the first choice when WoolOvers took the decision to reinvigorate its cart and browse abandonment program in early 2017.

The Head of Trading at WoolOvers, Nash Vadher, explains: “The abandonment system we had built in-house with our email service provider was not delivering the returns we knew were possible. I had experienced what the Fresh Relevance platform is capable of and as such it was the natural choice for us to roll-out.”

Such was the speed of the set-up process that WoolOvers was sending out automatic cart and browse abandonment emails to customers in less than weeks. The timely emails also use the Fresh Relevance Product Recommendation SmartBlock to include details of the products browsed, or placed in the shopping cart, along with suggestions including ‘You may also like’ and ‘New arrivals’.

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The results have already proven to be outstanding as Vadher states “We improved cart recovery email revenue in our first month with Fresh Relevance and they have increased by 118% YoY. The speed at which we have recorded such a strong return-on-investment has far exceeded our expectations.”

The success of its new cart and browse abandonment initiative has seen WoolOvers roll out the program internationally, with Fresh Relevance now being relied upon for its online Cart Recovery operations in the UK, USA, Australia, France and most recently Germany. In addition, the company is also taking advantage of Fresh Relevance’s rich array of features, such as its Countdown Timers, to create a sense of urgency and boost online sales.