Get critical insights from customers about the localized shopping experience they want

The Covid-19 crisis and resulting lockdowns led to a dramatic shift from bricks to clicks, as consumers headed online for their shopping needs.

Now, as lockdown restrictions ease and the economy begins to open up, consumers are feeling the pull of in-store shopping once more.

But with a boom in working from home and changing consumer habits to contend with, retailers and brands will have to reassess their omnichannel strategies to stay relevant and succeed in the new era of retail.

The Fresh Relevance Geotargeting Report provides critical insights straight from consumers’ mouths about what they want most from a localized shopping experience and how they see the physical store fitting into the multi-channel customer journey.

Read on to discover:

  • Which products consumers prefer shopping in-store for and why
  • Geotargeting tactics consumers want to see from online retailers
  • Fulfilment options that encourage consumers to make a purchase

See what’s inside

Chapter 1: A hybrid approach to shopping
Chapter 2: In-store vs online
Chapter 3: Geotargeting tactics and fulfilment options
Chapter 4: What we’ve learnt about geotargeting and the omni-channel experience

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