How 14 B2C businesses use social proof to increase conversions

An increasing number of consumers have switched from bricks to clicks, spending more time browsing their favorite brands online.

But in lieu of shoppers being able to touch and try out products in store, brands need to build trust and reduce purchase anxiety throughout the digital customer journey.

The best way to do this is with social proof.

Social proof describes the various ways marketers can increase conversions by reassuring customers that they are buying the right product. Key tactics include ratings and reviews, popularity messaging, and crowdsourced product recommendations.

When used effectively, social proof has the power to improve the customer journey, increase conversions and build trust in your brand.

In this lookbook, you’ll findĀ best-in-class examples of social proof tactics from 14 B2C brands, selected based on consumer insights from theĀ Fresh Relevance Social Proof Report.

Learn how to:
  • Build trust with ratings and reviews
  • Increase urgency with popularity and stock level messaging
  • Guide shoppers towards making a purchase with ‘top seller’ product recommendations
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